Give me an example of research paper​


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    research paper


    you have to reaserch on the google and you will print in

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    Business Research Topics for ABM Students

    1.) Is poverty a concern of a corporation? How can corporations contribute to social development? Should they concern themselves with it in the first place, and to what degree? How can corporate social responsibility result in the betterment of the market? How can a corporation’s perceived awareness produce a positive image for the customers?

    2.) Labor relations: the latest tendencies and the predictions for the future. Analyze the contemporary trends in the labor-corporate relationship. What issues are likely to emerge in 2025-2030? Back up your conclusion with real-life examples.

    3.) Diversity as a contemporary working reality. Due to globalization, people of various backgrounds tend to work together, more and more so. Does it influence the working process at all? Does the difference between genders, ages, and ethnicities hinder or facilitate business? Should the companies ensure that there’s diversity among their employees, and why? How should the work environments be organized to maximize efficiency?

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    For example, many ethical norms in research, such as guidelines for authorship, copyright and patenting policies, data sharing policies, and confidentiality rules in peer review, are designed to protect intellectual property interests while encouraging collaboration.

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    Here are some other examples of dependent and independent variables in scientific experiments: A scientist studies the impact of a drug on cancer. The independent variables are the administration of the drug - the dosage and the timing. The dependent variable is the impact the drug has on cancer.

    Explanation: alreadytaken00

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    hmm how about number of people infected at (you can give the location but I suggest Us because it has the most population of people infected your choice though)

    Hope these helps you...

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    i suggest na magfocus ka on experiments kc halos lahat more on experiments ehh

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    topic : students

    why student get a low grade in acadmics

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