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How can your personal ability in art contribute the development of the school?


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    by showing to others what u have gain from ur school because it is one of the biggest factor  and that will surely reflect  :D

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    Painting is a way of expressing a person’s emotions and thoughts through the use of variety of colors and the limited size of a canvas. Artist’s creativity is limited only to his or her imagination or the way he or she perceives things in his own world of Art. Painting doesn’t necessarily mean the use of a paintbrush and paints just to create some Art.

    It is a matter of putting the feeling into a visual representation rather than words. Visual Arts doesn’t only consist of painting there are also:



    Video Making


    How does painting unmask the artist’s creativity?

    An artist is a unique person that expresses things in his own way in his own style. His creativity unmasks if he is in the right path of visual arts.

    It may be through:

    Freedom of expression

    Making something he does want  

    Letting him be in his own world

    Introduction of a new piece of canvas with limitless Art forms

    Painting unmask an Artist’s creativity if that person is surely into painting and not with other visual arts. Rather than creativity, skill, talent, imagination he must have the willingness to do it.


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    i think

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How can your personal ability in art contribute the development of the school?...