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What is pahiyas festival? i need full information. (english) 45


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    pahiyas festival is the philippines most colorful harvest festival... it is originally known as the feast of san isidro, showcases houses decorated with "kiping". It is celebrated every May 15

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    Installation Art is a type of modern media art where artists study things that are outside the field of art, like physics, engineering, chemistry, geology, and for some, technical aspects of operating and controlling music, light and wind.

    Installation art is a new type of contemporary art - it involves configuration or "installation" of objects in a spacious environment, such as a room or warehouse. The resulting arrangements of the materials including the space comprises the "artwork". Contemporary art is art produced in today's age, the twenty-first century. Contemporary art is a dynamic combination and arrangement of materials, concepts, methods and subjects that challenge the traditional boundaries and defy easy definition. These types of artworks give voice to the changing cultural values, identities and belief. And installation art also does that.

    In installation art, it allows the audience to enter and move around the space and/or interact with the artwork. Since it is a dynamic arrangement of objects, it engages the audience to its senses - touch, smell, sound and vision, unlike traditional art. Artists in this type of art study physics, engineering, and other subjects because installation art are three-dimensional works, flexible and are often site-specific. It builds different objects and may require measurements. Installation art is also influenced by developments in computer art - such as film projection, software developments, as well with techniques and methods used in grand theatre and dance. Architecture and interior designing are other influences.

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    To live a peaceful and satisfying life, one must have a positve outlook towards life's difficulties.
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What is pahiyas festival? i need full information. (english) 45...