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Similarities and Differences of the theatrical art form during the ancient peripd and modern period. pasagot po yung matino sana


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    Buildings That Have the Influence of the Architectural Style of Neoclassicism in the Philippines

    There are many examples of buildings that have the influence of the architectural style of neoclassicm in the Philippines such as National Museum of Fine Arts, National Museum of Anthropology, St. La Salle Hall, and Department of Tourism. Another example of neoclassical building in the Philippines are Manila Central Post Office, Malacañang Palace, and Manila City Hall. While the aforementioned buildings are all in Metro Manila, there are also buildings across the country that are influenced by Neoclassicism.

    Further Examples of Buildings in the Philippines that are Influenced by NeoclassicismLuzonIbaan Church - BatangasMetropolitan Cathedral of San Fernando - PampangaPorta Mariae - Camarines SurVisayasCompania Maritima Building - CebuRizal Memorial Library and Museum - CebuSan Diego Pro-cathedral - Negros Occidental

    For more information about Neoclassicism and its architectural style, visit this link:

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    Kinetic art is any medium of art that contains movement distinguished by the viewer on motion. It is a term that is also known as three-dimensional sculptures and figures  that move naturally or are machine operated. The moving parts of this type of art are generally powered by wind or a motor. Kinetic art holds a wide variety of overlapping techniques and styles.

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    I was 3rd at the poster making in our school at ako ay Filipino but you can draw it in your own way on how to draw it you have an imagination to create wonderful things

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    Primary colours are blue, red and yellow. Secondary colours are purple, orange and green.

    Primary colours are mixed together in order to make secondary colours. 

    There isn't any colour that can be mixed with another colour to create blue, as blue is a primary colour.
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Similarities and Differences of the theatrical art form during the ancient peripd and modern period....