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Similarities and Differences of the theatrical art form during the ancient peripd and modern period. pasagot po yung may matino sanang sagot


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    Is more appealing than the revised one because the author's feelings and emotions are stronger and appear more powerful in the original works. also, the original uses a local language which can be eloquent on its own way.-mia jung
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    we can use art as a way to express yourself, your community and relationship to others and aswe'll as to the earth by expressing your feelings, this is an example of a expressionism art were in you use colors to express your feelings


    example you can use light colors for the expression of happiness and dark colors for the feeling of sadness

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    We need to shift our way of thinking from one where we see ourselves as separate from nature, to one where we accept that we are an integral part of nature. We need to acknowledge what has been described as the ‘unruly complexity’ of the relationships between all things, to be aware that this is what makes our world the dynamic, intriguing, challenging and wondrous experience that it is, and I believe that the arts, which are a part of this wondrous experience, have a major role to play in encouraging this mental shift.

    The arts can not only show but indeed make us feel the very problems that we are facing. They can allow us to have a foretaste of our possible futures, both bad and good. The arts can help us to imagine what sort of society we really want, not merely what others say we should want, or what we should be prepared to accept. Of course, by itself, imagining a sustainable, efficient, flourishing, society will not make it happen. But that vision is vital to guide and motivate our actions and the arts can be a powerful tool in illustrating, communicating and narrating that vision.


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Similarities and Differences of the theatrical art form during the ancient peripd and modern period....