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PRACTICE TASK 1 "The Gestalt of a Stage Production"
Direction: The following are original performances of prominent theater groups in the Philippines. Research about the given stage production and from the information gathered, illustrate how the different elements are used to communicate meaning or idea of the said production.


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    they give then happy to people


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    The main tool used in photography is the



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    Pillars, trunk, door, drawers, etc.

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    First, let us briefly define what this music is called:

    A piece of music used in a film is called a film score. This is usually original written music used to establish or create a setting, atmosphere, emotion, and foreshadowing of the story. It is also used as a support to the action, thoughts, and emotions of a character being shown on the screen. Film scores may either be instrumental or with lyrics and is a part of a film's soundtrack.

    For your

    You might want to consider the following music used in the film:

    "Friend Like Me", "Prince Ali", and "Arabian nights"

    Performed by Will Smith(2019) and Robin Williams (1992). "Friend Like Me" was used during the first encounter of Genie and Aladdin inside the treasure cave. While "Prince Ali" was used when Aladdin pretended to be a Prince to impress Jasmine. Natural Movements here are the dances of the performers in "Friend Like Me" and "Prince Ali". In "Arabian nights", this film score is to establish the setting of the story of Aladdin which is Arabian themed.


    This is a new song for the 2019 Aladdin. According to fandom, Jasmine is the only Disney princess without an original song. "Speechless" was used during the confrontation of Princess Jasmine and Jafar (trying to pressure Princess Jasmine to marry her). The strong gesture of Jasmine's defiance and the "freezing of time" are the natural movements in this film score.

    In summary, every part of the film has a supporting score and sound effects to emphasize natural movements.

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PRACTICE TASK 1 "The Gestalt of a Stage Production" Direction: The following are original...