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Why is plasna membrane termed as selectively preamble membrane


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    because the plasma membrane

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    The plasma membrane or cell membrane is described as a selectively permeable membrane because it does not allow all kinds of substances to go through it. Only water can pass in and out freely of the cell in a process called osmosis. This is the reason why potatoes look soggy when it is soaked in water. The cells of potato take in more water in an attempt to balance the concentration of solute and solvent in and out of the cell.

    Materials like ions have to pass through certain complexes called gates. These gates are known for controlling the concentration of solute (ions) in and out of the cell in a process called diffusion. This is evident in the movement of ions in the transmission of electrochemical signals in the nervous system or the pumping of potassium and sodium in action potentials in muscles.

    For more information about the plasma membrane, you may click the links below:

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Why is plasna membrane termed as selectively preamble membrane...