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From his experiments, mendel concluded that
a. recessive traits disappear in all crosses
b. individual factors blend with each other
c. some factors are dominant
d. factors for the same trait are separated during fertilization ​


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    Apoptosis is a highly regulated cellular suicide program crucial for metazoan development. However, dysfunction of apoptosis also leads to several diseases. Yeast undergoes apoptosis after application of acetic acid, sugar- or salt-stress, plant antifungal peptides, or hydrogen peroxide. Oxygen radicals seem to be key elements of apoptotic execution, conserved during evolution. Furthermore, several yeast orthologues of central metazoan apoptotic regulators have been identified, such as a caspase and a caspase-regulating serine protease. In addition, physiological occurrence of cell death has been detected during aging and mating in yeast. The finding of apoptosis in yeast, other fungi and parasites is not only of great medical relevance but will also help to understand some of the still unknown molecular mechanisms at the core of apoptotic execution.

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    Ang peer pressure ay maaring maging positibo o di kaya negatibo.


    Ito ay positibo kung ang barkada ng isang tao ay sinasabing "Good influence" o di kaya mga mabubuting tao. Ang mga barkada ang magiging ehemplo at impluwensya sa isang tao upang gumawa ng mabuti.


    Ito ay masasabi namang negatibo kung ang barkada ay hindi mga mabubuting tao at iniimpluwensyahan kang gumawa ng masama.

    Ang epekto nito ay nakabase sa kung anong pagkataong meron ang nasabing barkada.


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From his experiments, mendel concluded thata. recessive traits disappear in all crossesb. individual...