answer the questions below. 1. What specific cellular pathway of harvesting energy did you use while doing the different physical activities?Explain your answer

2. Why did you start breathing faster and felt numbness in your muscles amid your physical exercise?


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    C.) Helicase enzyme


    -Helicases are enzymes that bind and may even remodel nucleic acid or nucleic acid protein complexes. DNA helicases are essential during DNA replication because they separate double-stranded DNA into single strands allowing each strand to be copied.

    -DNA is double stranded. Enzymes that are responsible for replication of DNA can only bind to a single strand of DNA. Helicase is the enzyme that unwinds the DNA by breaking hydrogen bonds between the two strands.It forms the so called replication fork. Other proteins assist helicase to keep the strands apart as long as required for the replication process.


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    Examples of organisms with commensalism relationship

    1. Tree frogs use plants as protection.

    2. Golden jackals, once they have been expelled from a pack, will trail a tiger to feed on the remains of its kills.

    3. Goby fish live on other sea animals, changing color to blend in with the host, thus gaining protection from predators.

    4. Butterflies taking nectars from flowers.


    Commensalism is a type of relationship between two living organisms in which one organism benefits from the other without harming it. A commensal species benefits from another species by obtaining locomotion, shelter, food, or support from the host species, which (for the most part) neither benefits nor is harmed. Commensalism ranges from brief interactions between species to life-long symbiosis.

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    Eubacteria has many kinds, there are kinds that are harmful to humans and may bring diseases such as streptococci and salmonella but there are also kinds that are not. The eubacteria which is being used in the making of cheese and wine are not harmful, the one which is used to ferment milk which in turn is used to make cheese, is called lactobacillus helveticus, a eubacteria under lactobacillus. This kind is beneficial to human health.

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    The answer is NERVOUS TISSUE. It sends signals to other parts of the body.

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answer the questions below. 1. What specific cellular pathway of harvesting energy did you use whi...