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In poultry, the allele, B, can result in black feathers. Its allele, b, can produce white splashed feathers. The heterozygous results in blue feathers. The factors O and C are both required for
any color at all in the feathers. Homozygous recessiveness at either locus results in white
feathers. In each of the following 3 cases give the genotypes of the parental birds and their
a. Two completely white birds which produce a F1 which is black.
b. Two black birds which produce 54 black birds and 42 white birds.
c. Two blue birds which produce 16 black, 47 blue, and 14 white slashed birds.


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    Blood is forced through the arteries that empty into spaces within the body cavity. Once the blood has drained through these spaces and bathed the organs, it collects in the large ventral sternal sinus. As the blood circulates, the green gland filters out waste materials. The fluid waste is then excreted through a pore just anterior to the mouth.

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In poultry, the allele, B, can result in black feathers. Its allele, b, can produce white splashed...