Why is ms word 2010 called a versatile word-processing program? ​


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    Explanation:Microsoft Word is a multi-media word processing program. Used in its simplest form Word is a basic word processor with spelling and grammar check. This program is extremely user friendly at the basic level and can be used by students as a tool for writing and learning from early elementary through college.  

    However, word processing is only the base function of Microsoft Word as a program. Word has many levels of operation that become progressively more complex. A basic Word user might employ the program to write a paper or report using the grammar and spell check to avoid mistakes. Intermediate users might use Word as a tool with which to create a newsletter or journal. An advanced user could use Word as a web design tool to create and publish web pages. These are just a few examples of the versatility of the Microsoft Word program. In reality there are so many possibilities that listing them would defy reason and logic.

    Over the next few lessons you will be instructed on the operation of Microsoft Word in the basic areas of operation. Once these lessons have been mastered then the class will continue to the intermediate and advanced use of Microsoft Word. So get ready for a wonderful learning trip through a tremendously versatile learning tool called Microsoft Word

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    take advise to an old user of software or hardware

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Why is ms word 2010 called a versatile word-processing program? ​...