Question 3 1 pts
what does the following formula signify?

=if(9> 4,if(2< > 2,-7,4*2),5-3)

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question 4 1 pts
assumed the cell is under no specific format, what would be the output of the following formula set inside the spreadsheet?

=average(4+5/2, 3-2^6)

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question 5 1 pts
which is true regarding the features of embedding an image in a document compared to creating a link and pasting it into the document to access the image?
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images cannot be rotated or flipped.

no internet access is needed.

document size will be smaller.

modifying an image in one document is reflected on another document with the same image.

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question 6 1 pts
which specific information can be taken from a data source when merging a mail in word processors?
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recipient's birthdate

recipient's mailing address

sender's mailing address

sender's birthdate

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question 7 1 pts
what is a screen tip?

group of answer choices

corresponding url where the link is bound to direct the user

text box appearing when a pointer is hovered over the link

pop-up window displayed after clicking the link

list of options seen when the link is right-clicked

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question 8 1 pts
which group is capable of seeing the slide notes in a presentation?
group of answer choices

both the presenters and the audience

the audience only

neither the presenters nor the audience

the presenters only

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question 9 1 pts
a is used to make universal style changes to every slide in the presentation. when using one, you save time because you don't have to type the same information on more than one slide.



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    math is the answer to the sinisicance of this math formula sir

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