Aweb 3.0 characteristic in which events and information are made available to users as they happen.


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    what is web 3.0

    web 3.0 is a concept of the world wide web that is designed to cater to the individual user.

    semantic web is a component for web 3.0. the semantic web is a movement led by the world wide web consortium (w3c). the w3c standard encourages web developers to include semantic content in their web pages. tim berners – lee is the term that was coined by the inventor of the world wide web 3.0. read the details in

    according to the w3c, the semantic web provides a common framework that allows, data to be shared and reused across application, enterprise and community boundaries. the aim of web 3.0 is to have machines understand the user’s preferences to be able to deliver web content specifically targeting the user. there are instances wherein several preferences are considered like geographic location, web 3.0 aims to do better. this is through studying personal preferences of an individual user   and showing results based on those preferences. the internet is able to predict the best possible answer to your question by learning from your previous choices. read the details about the meaning of web 3.0 in

    for example, if you search internet for where is the best place to go shopping? web 3.0 will aim to give you results depending on how you have made choices in the past. if you have purchased several shoes online, the internet will give you results on the best place with highest rated shoes around your activity.

    web 3.0 is yet to be fully realized because of several problems:

    1. compatibility- html files and current web browsers could not support web 3.0.

    2. security – the user’s security is also in equation since the machine is saving his or her preferences.

    3.   vastness- the world wide web already contains billions of web pages.

    4.   vagueness- certain words are imprecise. the words” old” and “small” would depend on the user.

    5.   logic .   since the machines use logic, there are certain limitations for a computer to be able to predict what the user is referring to at given time


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    the answer is real-time po

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Aweb 3.0 characteristic in which events and information are made available to users as they happen....