How does technology seperate the humans from the nature​


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    for me technology separate the humans from nature because in this generation are environment is full of technology and that the reason why we separate from the nature because the humans is the one of the reason why our environment is destroy.

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    C. Google Docs

    lahat ng yan accessible sa web pero Google Docs lang ang word processor

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    The difference is simple and conceptual. A class is a template for objects. ... An object is a member or an "instance" of a class. An object has a state in which all of its properties have values that you either explicitly define or that are defined by default settings.


    Classes and objects from the essential part of Object-oriented programming, where a class can be considered as a construct which encapsulates a group of variables and methods; whereas, an object acts as member or instance of that class. A class is a blueprint from which you can create the instance, i.e., objects.

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How does technology seperate the humans from the nature​...