Alist of recently opened files associated with a particular application
a. favorites b. jump list c. menu
d. none of the above​


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    I guess it depends on what games you play


    If you play violent games such as call of duty, that won't benefit a student in any way at all unless the student wants to become a murderer.

    If you play games that stimulate the developing of a student's brain such as Kodu game lab (teaches programming) it will benefit you.

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    The RAM and ROM are two kinds of memory that exist in a computer. The ROM stands for Read-only Memory while the RAM stands for Random -access Memory.

    The RAM serves as the temporary memory of the computer. Every application that you open on your computer runs on RAM. Once you close the app, it is removed from RAM.

    On the other hand, ROM serves as the storage unit of your computer or device. This is where all of the files in your computer are stored like your music file, favorite photos, ebooks, and more. Examples of ROM that you commonly know are the hard drives (both internal and external), flash drives, and memory cards.

    Let's put it into a situation. You want to work on your assignment, so you open a word processing software. Once the word processing software opens, it runs on RAM. Everything that you do on it before you save it is stored in the RAM. However, if you are done and you decide to save your work, that file is stored in the ROM.

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    Process of storing files Open the computer Open the document or folder containing the file Select the file and click copy  Open another document and find the destination Click paste Wait for it to finish

    In order to store files inside a presentation itself, it would be useful to use hyperlinks in order to direct the user into the separate files

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    Name of Microsoft Excel file storage

    File storage size conversions

    Another example of file storage size conversion


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    ICT helps individual to learn how to manipulate technologies or computers. to know and understand the advantage and disadvantge of technology.
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Alist of recently opened files associated with a particular applicationa. favorites b. jump list c....