Process wrong change in the earhsurface​


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    The complete process of segmentation and classification was applied ... To avoid erroneous classification on the edges of the splitted images, we applied 30 meter ... Setting different values for these two parameters causes change of size of segments, ... Since structure of the Earh's surface is similar throughout the whole


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    In order to include a section of your text in the index, use the Mark Entry option.


    1.) Select the text you want to reference

    - this can be any form of text contained in the document

    2.) Go to the References Tab

    - In the references tab, find the Index Group

    3.) Find the Mark Entry button in the Index Group

    - in here, you will be able to fill out the required information in making your index, just follow the instruction accordingly, and you should be fine.

    4.) close it when you're done.


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    I could protect it by cleaning it every week inside and out, check if there's any chance of virus and not to pressure its limitations.
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Process wrong change in the earhsurface​...