How to use a anti-static wrist strap


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    Steps on How to use an Anti-static Wrist Strap:

    Use an ESD Strap to Ground Yourself

    1. Choose a wired strap to ground yourself.

    Two kinds of ESD straps – with cord or wire that use to connect yourself to a ground, and wireless .

    2. Wrap the ESD strap around your wrist.

    Put the ESD strap around your wrist and snap it closed before you come into contact with ESD-sensitive items. Remember that all parts of the strap should be in direct contact with your skin at all times.

    3. Attach the other end of the strap to a common ground.

    At the other end of the cord attached to your wrist strap is an alligator clip that you can use to connect yourself to a common ground.

    4. Clip your strap to a metal part if no common ground is available.

    Snap the alligator clip to a metal part of the computer you're working  on If you don't have a common ground point.

    5. Wear your ESD strap whenever you're around ESD-sensitive items.

    Keep yourself grounded  any time you are holding or working with computer components, such as motherboards or video cards, that are not installed in the computer case.

    6. Test the resistance value of your ESD strap periodically.

    An ESD strap should have a resistance value in the range of 1 to 10 Ohms to protect yourself against electrostatic discharge.


    What is an Anti-Static Wrist Strap?

    An anti-static wrist strap - also called an electrostatic discharge (ESD) wrist strap, is a safety device worn on your wrist that prevents the buildup of static electricity. It is used to make sure that the voltage difference in your body and the computer is balanced out.

    Why Do You Need it When Building Computers?

    To avoid ESD(electrostatic discharge) when building computers.To avoid damaging sensitive components of a computer.

    For additional infromation regarding an Anti-Static Wrist Strap just click this link:

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    I am familiar with all the skills given. Proudly from a computer major in junior high school.



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    I CAN / YES 1.Apply occupational health and safety precautions while working

    I CAN / YES 2.Use the Philip head screwdriver.

    I CAN / YES 3.Use the anti-static wrist strap.

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    I KNOW / NO 5.Remove the system fan safely.

    I KNOW / NO 6.Detach the power supply from the system unit.

    I KNOW / NO 7.Remove the RAM from the motherboard.

    I CAN / YES 8.Remove the hard drive from the system unit.

    I KNOW 9.Install the power supply.

    I KNOW 10.Install the motherboard.

    I KNOW 11.Install the internal drives in a system unit.

    I KNOW 12.Attach RAM in the memory socket.

    I CAN / YES 13.Install CD or DVD drives.

    I CAN / YES 14.Connect the mouse.

    I CAN / YES 15.Connect the keyboard.

    I CAN / YES 16.Connect the monitor.

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    diko po alam paumanhin

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    You can't really work inside without touching the case, so you are then grounded too.
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