Describe the arrangement a)they are far part from each other b)​


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    float a = 1.35  

    int a+b;

    a = b % 15

    i t t;  

    i = i - 5;

    a = a/5;

    (A && B)

    (A! = B)

    (A > =  B)

    (A == 5|| A >B)


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    take advise to an old user of software or hardware

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    Relevance / Importance of the Course Computer Hardware Servicing

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    The active ingredient in Palmolive dish soap is triclosan, which is an organic compound---meaning it is a chemical compound that contains carbon, not to be confused with a natural compound, which comes from a plant or animal source. Triclosan is used in many different kinds of liquid soap.

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