Which of the following objects has the smallest kinetic energy?


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    Kulay Rosas ang bukas

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    orginimatical survery nedicion

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    My Stand for Freedom of Expression In Social Media

    Social Media are great platform where one could express him or herself freely. Sometimes, it is hard to talk to someone personally especially when you are facing the person and looking at him eye to eye. There are words you cannot tell. Maybe you are too shy or the situation seems too awkward. Therefore, Social Media communication is a much easier way to talk to someone. You do not have to look at the person eye to eye, instead, you can just typed in the words and express how you feel.  

    But sometimes, expressing too much is bad. Since people are not that shy and afraid to say how they feel online, they don't choose their words wisely and instead, they would post whatever comes in their mind, without knowing boundaries. There will be profane and offensive words. As a person, we should be responsible in expressing our thoughts since not everybody can agree with us. Not everybody has the same beliefs, culture and traditions. We must be sensitive to the things we are posting. Maybe to us, it is okay, but to others, what we are posting are harmful to them. This is not only about posting, we should be responsible on what we are sharing as well.

    To know more about freedom of expression, read on the following:

    Ano ang Freedom of expression? : How is freedom an expression of our humanity : Kaibahan ng freedom of speech,expression at the press :


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