Which of the following situations involves probability?


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    A virtual world is a computer-based simulated environment which may be populated by many users who can create a personal avatar, and simultaneously and


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    Computers lessen the burden of manual research and computation.


    Many decades ago, research takes a lot of time. You may even have to travel to faraway places to get the facts straight from the sources or maybe your local library may not have offer all of the resources you need. Computation may also be done manually and on longhand.

    Today, we have every technological advance on our side. First came the calculators which are simple computing devices. Next, are the desktops and laptops where tomes of encyclopedia may be installed or accessed via CDs.

    After these, the internet came and most libraries, researches, publications, and even ongoing studies are published every minute. Even old materials are found on the internet. Everything is available to you and all you need to be is discriminate enough to identify which websites and published pages are trusted and which are fake or do not have enough resources.

    Cross-checking facts have become a lot easier, too. Today, even people with little patience can conduct research successfully because they no longer have to travel or wait in line. All you need is some mobile or internet data, a stable connection, and any internet-capable device.

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Which of the following situations involves probability?...