11-19 Empathy/ Language for dealing with customer complaints Direction: Write three (3) acknowledgement statements and two (2) reassurance statements that show empathy to customers. Reassurance Statements to Show Empathy 1. 2. 2 3.


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    Specifically, Microsoft Office Powerpoint

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    being humble and beautiful also faithful to him in God

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    Around 57 avi files


    43 GB is 43000 MB

    Divide that by 750 MB \frac{43000}{750} and you get 57.33333, which you round down to 57.

    This assumes that the avi files are exactly 57 MB and that the storage is exactly 43 GB.

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    How to write a thesis introduction? Can you please give me some three topics?

    A thesis introduction must contain all the variables that are included in your study. It must well-defined what are the independent variable, dependent variable, and sub-variable. Each variable should explain such as its level of importance, functions, and vital role to your study. The introduction must contain the urgency of why the topic should study, it will be beneficial? Or it is just a waste of time. Research must be always a guide to solve the existing problem.

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    In writing a thesis introduction the following should follow: The first statement must contain the overview of the study. The second statement should discuss the independent variable. The third statement should elaborate on the dependent variable. Fourth, sub-variable should include such as its role and function for your research. Fifth, state the relationship between the variables in your study. The last statement must be stated why your “topic is important”

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    Below were some ideas about the topic

    How modern language effects in communication?

    How does the philosophy of millennial different in terms of perspective in life?

    What are the effects of technology on the students?

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