5. It is the applications of knowledge also constitute new information. a. Developing the investigator
b. Finding an application for the new knowledge
c. Generating new knowledge of information
d. Verifying existing knowledge


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    Viruses and worms are both malware that have the ability to propagate. The main difference between the two is that a virus relies on a host program, which the user has to open for it to work. A worm, on the other hand, does not rely on a host program and can spread itself as soon as it enters the network/system.

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    -Hardware consists of input devices and output devices that make a complete computer system. These include keyboard, mouse, monitor and processor.

    -Examples of input devices are keyboard, optical scanner, mouse and joystick which are used to feed data into the computer. Output devices such as monitor and printer are media to get the output from the computer.


    -A set of programs that form an interface between the hardware and the user of a computer system.


    System software is a set of programs to control the internal operations such as reading data from input devices, giving results to output devices and ensuring proper functioning of components is called system software.

    Application software are programs designed by the user to perform a specific function, such as accounting software, payroll software etc.

    Utility software is a certain special purpose programs that are designed to perform a specialized task, such as functions to copy, cut or paste files in a computer, formatting a disk etc.

    Connectivity software is a set of programs and instructions to connect the computer with the main server to enable sharing of resources and information with the server and other connected computers.


    -Defined as the electronic transfer of data from one place to another.

    -Examples are sender, receiver, signal converter-modem, and many more.


    -Consists of the raw facts and figures that are processed into information.

    Information are summarized data or otherwise manipulated data.


    Kilobyte (KB) equivalent to approximately 1000 bytes.

    Megabyte (MB) about 1 million bytes

    Gigabyte (GB) about 1 billion bytes


    -Descriptions of how things are done, steps for accomplishing a result.


    -there are two types of people or users and one of them is professionals; An Information Technology (IT) professional who had formal education in the technical aspect of using a computer and communication system. Ex. Computer Programmer, and end-users; is someone without much technical knowledge of IT who uses computers for entertainment, education or work related task.

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    1 ) Microsoft Office

    2 )A vertical bar on the right side of a window or a horizontal bar at the bottom of a window that is used to move the window contents up and down or left and right. The bar contains a "thumb", which looks like an elevator in a shaft. (scroll bar)

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5. It is the applications of knowledge also constitute new information. a. Developing the investig...