What are your motivations to take BSCS as your Bachelor's Degree?


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    C. Google Docs

    lahat ng yan accessible sa web pero Google Docs lang ang word processor

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    What are ports and cables in computer system?

    Computer System is composed of different components such as Drives (for storage), CPU (for logical and computations) and motherboard (for peripherals and devices). Each part and component has dedicated function. Let's enumerate different ports and cables that made up of computer systems to know how they worked and their relevance:

    Ports : PS/2 ports - these are ports originally developed by IBM for mouse and keyboard connection. USB ports - meaning Universal Serial Bus. For other peripherals like external storages (external hard drives, flash disks, speakers etc) VGA/ Video ports - this port is for Video output devices like monitors and projectors. HDMI port - meaning High Definition Media Interface. This port is for newer versions of monitors and projectors. HDMI also supports sounds. RJ-45 - also known as Ethernet port. This is the port where you can plug network cables to connect your computer to other network devices or within a network.


    Cables :VGA cables - to attach display devices to the port such as monitors and projectors. HDMI cables PS/s cables Ethernet cables  Audio Cables USB Cables

    To know more about motherboard, read on the following:

    Parts and function of the motherboard?: Parts of motherboard and its use : What is the importance of knowing the parts of a motherboard :


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    I think the answer is...c. worm
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What are your motivations to take BSCS as your Bachelor's Degree?...