Create program that will output the word stay safe 100 times


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    Idek- i don’t even know
    rn- right now
    ty- thank you
    wc- welcome
    ttyl- talk to you later
    gn- goodnight
    idc- i don’t care
    gg- good game
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    Yes 100% correct

    kagaya ko andyan lang pala sa tabi ang gusto ng puso ko

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    spg is supreme pupil goverment


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    It is the process of planning and arranging in detail something such as a page or book to be reproduced.



    Design - it refers to the layout and planning of elements such as video, image and illustrations. There are also different software used to aid in the creation, modification and optimization of design, this are called CAD Software (Computer Aided Design Software). Visual - it refers to the images and 3D models. This include various important elements such as computer graphics, image processing, visualization, virtual reality, and digital libraries.Image - it refers to the digital copy of a physical object that is stored via various file extensions such as jpeg, png, gif, tiff and etc.

    For more information about computer design, visit the following links:


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Create program that will output the word stay safe 100 times...