Questions: 1. What are different coordinate system to draw an object? 2. Explain following tools


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    There are three commonly used coordinate systems: Cartesian, cylindrical and spherical.

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    What appears to be main objective of the research?

    Research Objective is a purpose that can be reasonably achieved within the expected time frame and with the available resources.

    The objective of the research project gives an abstract what is to be achieved by the study. The research objectives are the particular achievements, the researcher hopes to achieve by the study. The objectives include acquiring answers to research questions or trying the research hypotheses.

    The creation of research objectives will help the researcher as follows:

    Focus - A well defined research objective will help the researcher to focus on the study. It also helps in narrowing down the study to its essentials. Avoid unnecessary acquisition of data - The creation of research objectives helps the researcher to avoid unnecessary accumulation of data that is not needed for the chosen problem. Data organization - The formulation of objectives organize the study into a clearly defined parts or phases. Thus the objectives help arrange the study results in to main parts as per the preset objectives. Gives a clear direction - A well created objective will facilitate the development of research methodology and will help to orient the collection, analysis, interpretation & utilization of data.

    The research objective is a solid statement describing what the research is trying to achieve. There will be a well-known five objectives called SMART  it stands with:  


    Moreover, Research objective should be also be  

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    General program that is used to help users and work as an interface between computer and users is called "Software"
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Questions: 1. What are different coordinate system to draw an object? 2. Explain following tools...