What are the six dimension of community?


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    Dimensions of Holistic Health

    1. Mental health – challenge yourself: ask questions, be open to new ideas, learn new skill, be imaginative and do interesting mental activities these help us to have a healthy and young at mind

    means being a lifelong learner by continuously wanting to learn new things and improve one’s kills. A mentally healthy person is open to new ideas and experiences that can improve personal,

    family, and community life.

    learning new skills to improve personal and family life

    2. Moral-spiritual – spiritual wholeness is an important contributor to good health, it brings harmony, focus, direction, and balance to our lives. This principle in which we believe drives the essence of our being

    1. Telling the truth and showing respect are commonly accepted standards of right behaviour.

    2. Seeking guidance from parents, teachers, religious leaders, and other responsible adults will help you in making difficult choices.

    3.Act according to a set of high ethical principles.

    You will gain respect and trust from others if you demonstrate good character. Moral-spiritual health, together with the other dimensions, will help you attain holistic health.

    3. Social –refers to how well you get along with other people. This can be observed when you as a member of the community, being well-integrated encourage personal growth. A supportive social network also contributes to emotional health, happiness and helps us make healthier choices

    a. make and keep friends

    b. play/work well with a group

    c. give and get help from others when needed

    d. communicate well and show respect and care for yourself and others

    4. Physical – best physical health occurs when our bodies are functioning at their highest potential. This results from healthy habits such as good nutrition, an active lifestyle, regular sleep pattern, and avoiding harmful habits such as smoking, drug use, or heavy drinking

    means how well your body functions. It means you can carry out everyday tasks without becoming too tired. It also means you have enough energy to enjoy activities and to meet emergencies. It means developing healthful habits and avoiding destructive habits, such as smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages and taking dangerous drugs and harmful substances.

    a. keeping your body fit by exercising and participating in active games

    b. eating a well-balanced diet

    c. getting adequate sleep and rest

    d. drinking enough water

    e. practicing cleanliness and good grooming habits

    f. getting regular medical and dental checkup and treatment

    g. avoiding harmful substances, such as tobacco, alcohol and drugs of abuse

    5. Emotional health involves understanding and liking yourself as well as accepting and learning from your mistakes. It refers to how well you meet the demands of daily life and how you adjust to new situations. It also means

    expressing your happiness, love, joy and hope as well as your sadness, anger, stress and fear in healthful productive ways. You can best practice these when you:

    a. face life’s problems squarely

    b. handle stress and seek help, if needed

    c. express your emotions in positive ways

    d. deal with life’s pressures and stresses in positive ways

    e. build strong communication network among family, friends and peers

    6. Environmental: By this, we mean staying close to nature in any possible way. The rat-race to progress has led us astray and we have started thinking of nature as something we can exploit. Neither we think once before hurting an animal, nor we have second thoughts about picking a flower, uprooting a tree, burning petrochemicals, littering the roads, and so on. The general apathy towards our only hope is what makes us miserable. To protect our conscience, it is important to think and act for a cause. Even a little gesture would feed your soul and contribute to your holistic well-being.

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    The six dimensions of wellness are: physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, environmental and social. They are discussed in greater detail below. Physical: Maintaining a sound substantial body through regular exercise, proper nutrition, sleeping well and avoiding harmful habits.

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    The National Wellness Institute promotes Six Dimensions of wellness: emotional, occupational, physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual.

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    There are five (6) dimensions of holistic health: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual,social and environment


    at ang pagkaka alam ko po hindi po yan sasagutan yang na sa picture po

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    Wash your hands regularly

    Eat healthy food like fruits and vegetables

    wear face mask and face shield if u need to go to supermarket or else...

    Be ware of your healthy..

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    naol kaya magexplain

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