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    Agriculture is one of our country’s primary economic source of income. Many Filipinos still and most farmers say, enjoying living in rural areas and supporting their families through agriculture. To mention, some of our main agricultural crops are rice, corn, bananas, pineapple, sugarcane, coconut, tobacco, mangoes, coffee and abaca.

    To name a few of my unforgettable agricultural experiences during work immersion are the following: having a hard time selecting the variety of crop to be planted or cultured since our country has different climates. You have to select the appropriate crops for the present climate.
    Having a good and continuous water supply or water irrigation is a must. There are crops that need less water while other crops grow healthily with plenty of water. Proper cultivation and right amount of fertilizer is vital. I remembered putting extra fertilizer to one of our pechay beds, with the thought the it will grow faster and greener, but sad to say all of our seedlings are withered when I checked them the following day.
    You also need to consider proper ventilation. Some crops need a lot of sunshine while other crops prefer a shady location. Proper agriculture attire and tools are also a must to avoid accidents or unnecessary incident.
    Some people call it crazy but I do talk to my plants. I visit and ask them how they are as if I am talking to a friend. I am also asking them to grow fast and healthy. Sometimes we can not avoid bad weather condition, so I also include them to my prayers. And when harvest time arrives, I am whispering my gratefulness to them.
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Give me experiences of agriculture for work immersion narrative report...