What are the struggles that you came up a business


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    Struggles in putting up a business

    1. Name of the business

    This is name that is the one you will be using to register to Department of Trade and Industry and Security Exchange Commission.

    2. Capital

    In putting up a business money is the important factor.

    3. Finding Customers

    A challenge in a business is looking for your target market.Nowadays, you need to consider the foot traffic.

    4. Hiring Talented People

    Skills and talent people are salient in your business, in order to cater the demands of your clients.

    5. Brand Awareness

    Now a days influence of social media is a great help in reaching your target market.Creating fresh marketing ideas will help your business be known.

    6. Dealing with Competitors

    In business there are many brands that will also cater the same need of the people.You need to have a good research and create many strategic plans not only in the present but also in the future.

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    Naitatag ito noong 1987. Maliit pa lamang itong tindahan na nagtitinda lamang ng damit ng lalaki ngunit ngayon ay lumaki na ito; may damit pangbabae na at mga pabango.


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    b. non-current asset


    In accounting, fixed assets are classified as a non-current asset as it is not wasily convertible to cash or its value is not usable or consumable within just a year or within the normal operating cycle of a business.

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    In accounting, assets are the resources that a company owns and has monetary value.

    Two types of asset:Current asset - assets that are usable or convertible to cash within a year or operating cycle of a business.Non-current asset - assets that can't be used or converted to cash within a year or operating cycle of a business.Examples of current asset:Cash and cash -on- of non-current asset:LandEquipment/MachinesIntangible assets


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What are the struggles that you came up a business...