What are the causes of gender inequality ?


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    For me the number 1 cause of it is judgement and criticism within people. Some may not accept it because of religion,disgust or just pure judgemental people.


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    The correct answer among the listed choices is letter b. Intangible Assets normally falls under the category of non-current assets since these assets not included in the current assets. Therefore, intangible assets will form part of non-current assets since these are long-term assets and not readily  are convertible to cash.


    In accounting, assets are any resources with value owned by the business, company, entity or person. These are legally owned by the business or entity.  Assets have two categories, these are:

    Current AssetsNon-current Assets1. Current Assets

    -these are assets that can be readily convertible to cash in a normal operating cycle of a business. Normal operating cycle is within 1 year.

    Some Examples of Current AssetsCash and cash equivalentsAccounts ExpensesMarketable Securities/ Short-term Investments2. Non-current Assets

    -these are long-term assets or long-term investments that have a longer useful life that is usually more than 1 year. Not easily convertible to cash.

    Some Examples of Non-Current AssetsLandProperty, Plant and EquipmentTrademarksLong-term InvestmentsGoodwillOther Assets

    All fixed assets and intangible assets fall under the category of non-current assets.

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    it means that if you did not  correct the mistake you made, or you did not do anything to correct or admit your mistake, it is a mistake itself of not correcting your wrong.

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