Why is skimmed milk used in isolation of casein?


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    I believe the answer is B. 150.40, but I'm not quite sure math is not my strong suit, but I think the answer is B but don't take my word for it I am just trying to help.

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    External economies of scale occur outside of an individual company but within the same industry. Remember that in economics, economies of scale mean that the more units a business produces, the less it costs to produce each unit. External economies of scale describe similar conditions, only for an entire industry instead of a company. For example, if a city creates a better transportation network to service a particular industry, then all companies in that industry will benefit from the new transportation network, and experience decreased production costs.

    As an industry grows larger or becomes clustered in one location—as with, say, the banking and financial services in New York or London—then the average costs of doing business within that industry over the long run become lower, and we have external economies of scale. With external economies, costs also may fall because of increased specialization, better training of workers, faster innovation, or shared supplier relationships. These factors are typically referred to as positive externalities; industry-level negative externalities are called external diseconomies.

    The Basics of External Economies of Scale

    Businesses in the same industry tend to cluster in together. For example, a film studio might determine that California is a particularly good location for year-round film-making; so, it moves to Hollywood. New movie producers also move to Hollywood because there are more camera operators, actors, costume designers, and screenwriters in the area. Then, more studios might decide to move to Hollywood to take advantage of the specialized labor and infrastructure already in place, thanks to the success of the first firm. As more and more firms succeed in the same area, new industry entrants can take advantage of even more localized benefits. It makes sense for industries to concentrate in areas where they are already strong.

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    Ito ang mga Tax o buwis na kinokolekta ng pamahalaan para makapagtayo ng estabilisyemento

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    Makakatulong ito sa mabuting pamamahala at pagbuo ng matalinong desisyon

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Why is skimmed milk used in isolation of casein?...