Probabilistic seismic hazard map of marikina city, philippines


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    Letter a, because using knowledge about grammar, letter b, c and d have mistakes in which show an improperly constructed sentence.
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    EFFECT OF ACCOUNTING TRANSACTIONEffects of Business Transactions upon the Accounting Equation

    Accounting defined : read more on:

    A process involves the transferring of journal entries to the ledger accounts to bring together the effect of the transactions to the individual accounts of the company. read more on:

    •Increase in assets= increase in owner’s equity

    •Increase in assets= increase in liabilities

    •Increase in some forms of assets= decrease in other forms of assets

    •Decrease in assets= Decrease in owner’s equity

    •Increase in some forms of Assets= Decrease in other forms of liabilities

    •Increase in liabilities= decrease in capital

    •Decrease in assets= decrease in liabilities

    •Increase in owner’s equity= decrease in liabilities

    •Increase in owner’s equity= decrease in liabilities


    An entity performs services for cash

    The equation should be :


            Service Revenue      

    Letter A

    Increased in equity and increase in assets


    An entity will increase it's cash as considered as an asset and it will increase also it's service revenue as considered equity.

    A business transaction can affect two accounts on the same side of the accounting equation and still leave the equation in balance. read more on:

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    Hirarkiya ng pangangailangan


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    Market Capitalism ang economic system ng Pinas. Umaasa tayo sa market upang bilhin ang ating mga kailangan at sa gayong maiprovide rin natin ang kailangan ng market.


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Probabilistic seismic hazard map of marikina city, philippines...