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In the cronulla beach story in line 15-19 what does it means?


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    Noli Me Tangere shows the friars’ cruelty among the Filipinos during the Spaniard’s invasion for three hundred thirty three years. Many of them sacrificed but much of their names weren’t much celebrated. In the last years of the Spaniard’s occupation, a hero rose up writing the novel “Noli Me Tangere” and its sequel, “El Filibusterismo” made the Filipino’s heart of nationalism strive for freedom.


    On-stage performance is a hard task to do, that’s why I was really impressed when I watched the group of Sining Pinagpala perform Dr. Jose Rizal’s novel. Actually, it was my first time watching such a performance. For me, their art was really blessed. All of the people who made the play were a one, a two, and a-you-know-what-to-do in showing the emotions and the lines of the characters were very well said. The play was very realistic.

    Making the novel “Noli Me Tangere” understood by students was their goal. From Jose Rizal’s introduction to the main character of the novel, which is also his counterpart, up to the end of the novel, everything was understood. Most of all, the musical style of the play made it more interesting to be watched. The characters are energetic and each of them deserves a standing ovation.

    In the portrayal of each of the characters, mainly Crisostomo Ibarra, was well played. Showing his educated manner, his anger to the friar Padre Damaso, and his love for Maria Clara deserves a big applause from the students. The director’s mind was right in choosing Mr. Chubi Del Rosario play the lead role. In fact, the scene with Maria Clara really made me screech. Being Crisostomo Ibarra’s counterpart, Rizal also had his Leonor Rivera. The scene that made me understand that Ibarra and Rizal was the same person was when the friar said that Ibarra went to Europe to study and just wasted money and time. Also, the scene when Ibarra went to the old man for advice the musical style was very effective in getting the audiences’ attention. Another scene with Elias when Mr. Del Rosario showed Ibarra’s disappointment really portrayed the emotion of the character. The melodramatic scene when Ibarra mourned for his father’s death almost made me cry.

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    Explanation: maybe

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    Kasi madadagdag ang katamaran ng mga tao lalong-lalo na sa mga bata. Pero, kung ang guro ay masyadong nagpapagawa, isundan natin ang no homework policy.

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