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    Building and Maintaining Relationships. It is important to work oncommunicating our feelings in relationships. The concept of relationship isvery broad and complex. In my own perspective, personal relationhsips referto close connections between people, formed by emotional bonds andinteractions. These bonds often grow from are stengthened by mutualexperiences. Relationships are not static they are continually evolving, andfully en!oy and bene"t from them we need skills, information, inspiration,practice, and social support.#aving a healthy relationship is important, that is the reason why we need tokeep and maintain it . They are said to be vital component of health andwellbeing. There is compelling evidence that strong relationships contributeto a long, healthy and happy life. $onversely, the health risks from beingalone or isolated in one%s life are comparable to the risks associated withcigarette smoking, blood pressure and obesity. Based on our perdev book,relationships can help us in living a longer life, dealing with stress easily,become healthier and feel richer. &hile in the other hand if we do notmaintain and keep healthy relationships, we can have a low social supportthat is linked to a number of health conse'uences like depression, decreasedimmune function and high blood pressure.In order to keep and maintain a healthy relationship we should be able topass and avoid, as much as possible, all the problems we encounterespecially the ()* most common problems that are often encountered bypeople in a relationship. These issues or problems are as follows+ aars,in"delity, cheating, sexual issues, core values and beliefs, life stages,traumatic or life changing events, work stress, illness, mental health,"nancial problem, boredom, !ealousy, blended family issues, violence,responsibility, unrealistic expectations, addictions, social media, lack ofsupport, manipulation, lack of communication, perceived lack of concern orcare, depression, discipline and more.and we should always remember that itis a depressing fact of life and we all do it to each other and that is causingpain. #owever we can become better at solving relationship problems bytaking responsibility for ourselves.

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    It means on how

    to manage or to enhance your relations between you and your partner. Personal relationship there is compelling evidence that strong relationship to contribute to a long, healthy and happy life

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    The importance the good relationship that is strong and healthy because the more we are close and connected to the people that we love, the happier we feel and the more personal satisfaction we have in our lives. Some people say that the connection and shared moments with their loved one are their most important life experience.

    How do keep the good relationship with other people?

    One of the most important  key to any relationship is to trust each other, to have faith in your partner, or friend is very important so you will be free in expressing yourself.  

    To add to this working on your communication skills – effective communication skills the way to achieve this is to a good listener with the people you care for in order to build a good relationship.  

    Another is adjusting your expectations on someone, by accepting yourself and your partner or friend that they too are humans like you, you will be able to lower your disappointments.  

    Lastly, giving each other the space you both need, having different set of interests can make them happier and less bored also time alone can give each other time to process their thoughts and pursue their hobbies and passion.

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