Plot diagram of the story of the aged mother​


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    it was our topic but i cant answer it by my own idea so i search it for you

    Plot diagram of the story of the aged mother​
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    Step-by-step explanation:

    Sayo manggagaling yung sagot. Sabi "real life experiences" which means sayo manggagaling. Yun lang naman :)

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    Exposition-He is in the dream and he is sick

    Rising action-in his dreams he saw a lady ghost.He was chased by fierce creature.

    Climax-A guy in white clothes came and fought the black creature who were chasing after the guy.Then,the guy saw that lady ghost again.

    Falling Action-The ghost finally came to him and it was his wife and they holding hands together.

    wala akong answer sa resolution e sorry

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    Exposition is my answer

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    it's your own story to create so you need to make an story on your self cuz we were only answering those not private life story like these so iam sorry if iam not helpful.

    Step-by-step explanation:

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Plot diagram of the story of the aged mother​...