Why is bairadvalley famous in the world ?


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    Bairadvalley is a small village located on the border of Sindh, Pakistan and Gujarat, India, Whenever there is tension between India and Pakistan, this area faces a lot of life and economic dangers due to military fights.


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    1.)his impulsive nature got him in trouble; he was beaten and he lost the letter of invitation.

    2.)they set out to duel with d'artagnan.

    3.)he discovered that the queen gave the diamond tags to buckingham

    4.)she was terrified when she learned that her husband ordered her to wear the diamond tags which she gave to the duke.

    5.)d'artagnan saw her mark of a convict branded on her sholders.


    1. d'artagnan - treville wrote   a new letter of introduction for him..

    2. athos, porthos and aramis - athjos, porthos and aramis together with d'artagnan decided to take a stand and resist arrest from the cardinal's guards.

    3. cardinal - he demanded that the queen wears the 12 diamond tags to the ball.

    4. queen - her linen maid requested d'artagnan to retrieve the diamond tags to the duke. 

    5. milady - she decided to deliver a poisoned wine to d'artagnan inorder for him to die.

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    montaigne is proposing that a it is better for a woman to not smell of perfume, because perfume may be hiding a natural body odor that stings the nostrils or may just smell like pure gasoline. he illustrates this though, "the most perfect smell of a woman is to smell of perfumes are rightly considered suspicious in those who use them, and thought to be used to cover up some natural defect in that quarter. (141)" i highly disagree with montaigne and plautus' quote, "a woman smells good when she does not smell," found on page 141. smell is a way that we can be identified. we will be identified in a bad way if we smell bad, but in a good way if we smell good, but we may not be remembered at all if we have no smell. so ladies, ignore montaigne purpose when he says, "the simplest and most natural smells seem to me the most agreeable

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