Do you agree does the poverty causes terrorism?


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    Because it's not about the poverty it's about the leadership on how the leaders of a particular country manage and develop their country, if they are not a good leaders then might be a lot would betray and let the terrorism in.

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    do not end it as a cliffhanger and do not make it too predictable


    since it's about making the reading go boom (not physically), just make the plot twist 'till the very end ! liek for example, dood and gurl met, had difficulties answering each other, then gurl's first love came in, then problems got more complicated, but dood got honest and confronted her, who will she choose? of course the first love. why? duh because they had already spent time with each other now and if she brings her past with first love, then it's game over for dood, but that's only for reasonable peeps, and i don't like that (sometimes) so what if first love didn't treat her properly before? and what if the the reason was just because he knows that you know that you're trying to move on from him? then that's up to you (future? ) author person ! that's how hard the author has to do to make their readers anxious 'bout it, so don't make it too predictable, but of course some would already have hints through the story, but if you made it hard for the readers, then good job! they don't know which one they'll choose anymore. lmao!

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    thomas malory was an english writer, the author or compiler of le morte d'arthur. since the late 19th century, he has generally been identified as sir thomas malory of newbold revel in warwickshire.

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