"make your own story." any genere. asap. you


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    Romantic-comedy or melodrama.

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    merlinda bobis is an acclaimed filipino-australian writer and performer who has published in three languages. her novels, short story and poetry collections, and plays have received various awards, including the prix italia, the steele rudd award for the best published collection of australian short stories, the australian writers’ guild award, the ian reed radio drama prize, and three national awards in the philippines: the carlos palanca literary award, the balagtas award, and the philippine national book award. she has been short-listed for ‘the age’ poetry book award and the australian literature society gold medal. bobis has performed in australia, philippines, us, spain, france, and china. she teaches creative writing at the university of wollongong. her most recent publication is the novel fish-hair woman. about the creative process, she says: ‘writing visits like grace. its greatest gift is the comfort if not the joy of transformation. in an inspired moment, we almost believe that anguish can be made bearable and injustice can be overturned, because they can be named. and if we’re lucky, joy can even be multiplied a hundredfold, so we may have reserves in the cupboard for the lean times.’


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    yes i like it, i hope you pursue a career in that.

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"make your own story." any genere. asap. you...