Review paper about the lovely bones,
in advance.


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    Hi, joymolinas123! i got interested with your question. so, i'm gonna present my conclusion about ejk. i am against to this criminal justice system. although, the campaign of our government in eradicating crime and illegal drugs is laudable. still, the governmental authorities are prone to by pass the due process of the legal jurisdiction. we are talking about the process and the supposed safeguard of a person guaranteed on his human rights. but because of ejk, the process is shorcutted and killings are committed outside the legal system. for me, this has to stop. ejk has to face its end. seek for a solution that respects human rights. as we all want nothing but a change, not another mayhem.
    sana makatulong ito. : )
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    When asking a question you must have already put a topic
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    To inspired people tto became a industrious dont became lazy..
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Review paper about the lovely bones, in advance....