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Me make a critique paper about "how do you define yourself? "by lizzie velasquez


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    long ago,in mount makiling,there lived a beautiful goddess name mariang makiling. she is beautiful,kindhearted and loving. she had a long shiny black hair and she often wear black pearls and gold jewelry. she often shows off herself to people living at the foot of the mountain as a human. many times,people would climb up to the mountain and pick some fruits but when they came down,fruits changed into gold. people thanked her for it.

    but one day,some people robbed her jewelry. some hunters climb up the mountain and hunted for wild animals,cut down trees and left the forest at the top of the mountain denuded. at that time,one of those hunters is a mortal which mariang makiling fell in love with. she discovered that that hunter already have a mortal as his wife. after those things happened,mariang makiling was very angry that it thundered and rained hard that night and her voice was heard by all people leaving at the foot of the mountain saying "i have provided you food,treasures and shelter but it wasn't enough for you! i have given you everything you want but still you aren't contented. i loved you more than myself but still you searched for mortal love. now,feel my anger! and wait for my revenge! from now on,you shall stand on your own feet and you will never see me again. i swear! " and she laughed so hard that it brought an earthquake.

    after her large voice was heard, she never showed herself again to those mortals who abused her kindness. today,it is still believed that mariang makiling is still living there.

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    This can affect them because of long distance relationship between father/mother from there child ..it might lead to the father might have affair with another lady or the mother having affair with a man because there far from home . and they don't know what's happening but there are some who are loyal and it affects them to miss there

    happy to help
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    preserba o


    preserve - maintain (something) in its original or existing state

    preserba - mapanatili sa kanyang orihinal o umiiral na estado.

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    Know my nationality, stand up against stereotypes and be proud of myself
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Me make a critique paper about "how do you define yourself? "by lizzie velasquez...