Vocabulary of how odin lost his eye


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    The story of How Odin lost his eye is about the Great King of the Gods in Norse Mythology who sacrificed something precious and dear to him. Odin was a God that loved his creations, he wanted the men and women to be safe and long protected. But alas, the frost giants that hated Odin waits for the time and will lay ruins in the mundane world.  

    So, Odin sacrificed his one eye to Mimir to see ahead of the future and the past to protect men and women.

    Vocabulary Hunts:

    Forge- create, form a shape “They forged iron and metals, made tools and weapons”

    Gloomy- feeling down, dark, depressing “Odin looked down beyond the earth deep into the gloomy land of his enemies”

    Gaze- steady looking, stare “And once you have drunk and gazed into the mirror of life”

    Kneel/Knelt- a figure of submission, a position where both knees are on the ground “Then, he knelt by the edge of the well and watched the pictures”

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    Im not sure about this but:
    -a book is a dream that you hold in your hands
    -reading forces you to be quiet in a world that no longer makes places for that
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    Boastful, arrogant and self centered. yun ang alam ko
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