Reaction paper for rinktink in oz book


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    ang ibig sabin nyan ay aanhin pa ang damo kung patay na ang kabayo.


    so meaning, masasayang lang ang damo kasi nga patay na ung kabayo hahahahha.

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    no its supposed to be

    what was the message of emperor charlemagne to king marsilion

    the answer is emperor charlemagne told king marsilion if he surrenders he will convert him to christian

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    Exsplaing your quiestion more need more info
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    An inflection is when you raise your pitch slightly higher when talking, people tend to do it when they ask a question or to say "do you understand? " a good example from the dictionary is:  

    inflection: a modulation of the voice; change in pitch or tone of voice 

    a intonation is when your voice moves around almost melodically in connected speech, i.e. your pitch changing throughout a phrase, an example from the dictionary is:  

    intonation: the opening phrase in a gregorian chant, usually sung by one or two voices. 


    intonation: the manner of producing musical tones, specifically the relation in pitch of tones to their key or harmony. 

    so really it means that intonation is a sort of intentional way of pitching your voice throughout a whole phrase up and down while an inflection is bringing your voice higher and only higher through a phrase.
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