Disadvantages of persuasive speech? ​


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    Some listeners might not listen anymore especially if they have a different mentality or belief and they might criticize your speech instead.

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    All of the questions from 1-10 deal with the ways of creating a good speech. Each encompasses the topics and tips that are useful in writing a speech. Speech is defined as a powerful tool used to communicate thoughts from one person to another or to a group of people. There are various types of speech depending upon the events and the audience involved.

    SpeechAttention GetterEntertainment SpeechChoosing the topicReading from manuscriptConclusion

    Conclusion contains the main points of a speech. It can be found in the middle or ending of the speech.


    Transitions are necessary in order for the audience to follow the flow of the speech. It helps the movement of ideas from one paragraph or sentence to another. Below are some of the examples of transitions that can be used:

    Fluency refers to the way of expressing and speaking smoothly or without difficulty in using the appropriate words.

    Persuasive speech

    Persuasive speech aims to persuade people to make a stand on issues.

    Attention getter

    In order to deliver a good speech, the speaker must be able to catch or get the attention of the audience.

    Entertainment speech

    Entertainment speech is a type of speech that aims to entertain the audience. It can range from funny stories to inspirational ones

    Choosing the topic

    The first step in creating a speech is to choose a topic. It has to be relevant and timely in order to catch the attention of the audience

    Reading from manuscript

    There are various ways of delivering a speech. It may extemporaneous, memorized or thru reading from manuscript.

    For additional information on speech, refer to the following links:

    What are the contexts of speech

    Indirect and direct speech

    Impromptu speech

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    a. demonstrative

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    Q1 : b. fluency
    q2: a. conclusion
    q3: true
    q4: c. transitions
    q5: c. memorized speech
    q6: d. reading from manuscript
    q7: b. attention-getter
    q8: d. persuasive speech
    q9: e. enunciation
    q10: d. entertainment speech
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