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Ayou letter about "filipino teachers: embracing innovative changes" ​


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    Dear teachers, in this month of the teachers, we wish to thank you for all the love and passion you invested to reach this far. It is not denied that being one takes a lot of patience and understanding especially in some factors that seem to have to differences perhaps due to the generation gap. Thank you so much for not stopping to learn especially doing in the classroom totally different or perhaps mostly different how you were trained before as neophytes teachers because you have a different kind of learners compared to the kind of practice teaching days. Thank you for keeping up with the call of times because you became relate-able to us us nowadays.

    Yours truly, the Gen X learners.

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    a persona, from the latin for mask, is a character taken on by a poet to speak in a first-person poem. anthony thwaite's 'monologue in the valley of the kings' uses the word 'i' but it refers, not to the poet, but to the pharaoh, thwaite's persona in this poem.

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    Tanong po ba yan o sasagutan
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Ayou letter about "filipino teachers: embracing innovative changes" ​...