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Similarities of precis and summary? and different​


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    a summary is telling the main events while a precis is telling every detail. Précis is an originally French noun, properly spelled with an acute accent, meaning a concise summary. Precise is an English adjective meaning "clearly expressed, brief and to the point." ... This is the main difference between summary and precis.


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    The four patterns noted above – comparison and contrast, cause and effect, division and classification, and process analysis – are very common in academic as well as everyday thinking and writing.

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    Mag aral ka ng mabuti


    Pag obob, obob kana talaga! itapon muna module mo

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    Plant tissue and animal tissue - definition

    Cells of plant tissue have cell wall. Cells of animal tissue do not have cell wall. Some tissues are living and some are dead. ... They are of four types muscle tissue, epithelial tissue, nervous tissue and connective tissue.

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    a summary is different from a precis​


    ➡The main difference between a précis and a paraphrase or summary is that in a précis you use the language and structure of the original, particularly key terms and phrases. In paraphrases and summaries, you must use your own words as much as possible, and as few words from the original as possible

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Similarities of precis and summary? and different​...