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  • 10. why is culture subject to gradual change? ​...

10. why is culture subject to gradual change? ​


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    male and female is the only gender others said but why everbody discriminate the lgbtq.they are made also by god has a heart,eyes,feelings why can't they just accept them.we are lucky because now female has a power to lead,study and work unlike before that the female dont have a power.being male doesn't mean your strong,being female does'nt mean your weak.lets make gender equal!


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    that cannot be


    because how could he do it all alone and he needs help

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    answer:Nkk Ongc 5 to 6 .02

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    Excessive use of gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets, and computer desktops can cause physical and mental damage to children. According to a study, a child will likely to become overweight and develop seizure and vision problems when they spend too much time using gadgets.
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10. why is culture subject to gradual change? ​...