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In terms of speech act, speech context how does it affect relationship to speaker?


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    1. Direct speech refers to the exact words of the speaker. Quotation marks are used before and after the statement, separated by a comma from the rest of the sentence. Reported speech (also called Indirect speech) is when we report the statement from the speaker without using the speaker's exact words.

    2. When we are repoting someone else words.

    3. by changing its subject.

    4.The importance and use of direct and indirect speech (reported speech) This is not simply an activity of changing one to the other. It warns against long, tedious and even boring conversations, showing how indirect speech can speed up the narrative to keep the reader interested and the author in control.

    5. ur own opinion :)


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    1.what have you noticed about the difference of direct and reporter speech

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    16. Which among the following statements is TRUE about

    direct speech?

    O A. does not use quotation

    B. repeats words exactly as they were

    O C. uses different words but with the same meaning

    O D. does not use comma before the quoted statement

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    A figure of speech gives colors to a literary work, with the use of it, we can convey deep meanings and could move many people. It improves fictional writing in a way of combining our vocabulary in a creative way like the use of hyperbole, metaphor, oxymoro, etc,.

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    1. predicate

    3. subject


    2. sentence

    4. phrase

    5. clause

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    Which speech?

    Kindly add some additional information next time!

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In terms of speech act, speech context how does it affect relationship to speaker?...

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