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What is the communication style used in the lottery


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    i have always considered myself as a millennial. honestly it never occurred to me that people would be offended to be called one. i never let silly stereotypes get me down… i also would never consider myself or my siblings who are mostly millenials themselves, as lazy or entitled self absorbed idiots… i thank my father for that.. he had the foresight to use a little known concept called parenting and discipline to make us into the upstanding citizens we should be. i guess that males me part of the 40%

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    ok sure l

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    My sister adopted a big white bulldog.
    the house i bought is huge .
    the library i went to has old and new books.
    my freind lost his gold watch.
    that is a wonderful old grandfather clock.
    we took a ride from a old, blue chinese bus.
    my sister is a tanned brunette.
    i got a blue new paint job for my car.
    i bought a pair of black leather shoes.
    a beautiful blue necklace.
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What is the communication style used in the lottery...