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Identify whether the phrase is an adjective or adverb phrase​


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    1. Adj
    2. Adv
    3. Adv
    4. Adv
    5. Adj
    6. Adv
    7. Adj
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    1. Literal sentence

    2. Figurative sentence

    3. Literal sentence

    4. Figurative sentence

    5. Literal sentence

    6. Literal sentence

    7. Literal sentence

    8. She became excited when she received a text message.

    9. I am doing my assignment at the moment.

    10. He is going to a party with his classmate.

    11. My dad will be going to the office.

    12. Ann became tired after doing the assignment.

    13. Does Claire like to watch drama?

    14. Did Jovita and Sally go to a nearby shopping mall?

    15. Is Mrs. Abalos planning to retire soon?

    16. Are boys fond of cars?

    17. Does Belen write urban legends?

    18. Is Chrisy a loving daughter?
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    1. adverb

    2. adverb

    3. adverb

    4. adverb

    5. adverb

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    Adjective phrase


    Adjective phrases are the ones who describe something.

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    figurative because it uses a word which is also a figurative and it has also a deep meaning that cannot be directly understood by the readers.


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Identify whether the phrase is an adjective or adverb phrase​...