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    having good manners gives you the right to be respected by other people. not only them, but also you yourself. however, having good manners isn't really synonymous to being right. sometimes, good manners applies to a certain rule to a variety of people. for example, making a circle with your thumb and pointer finger while the other fingers sticking out might mean 'ok' in the us. however, in the middle east, that would mean that you're telling someone rudely to go away. in japan, it means money. therefore, good manners is just a way of saying that people are following the rules that are set. people have different ways of understanding something. something might be 'good' for someone but it might be 'rude' to others. the world isn't just black & white. when someone does something, there was probably a reason behind it. life isn't always fair so you can't say that what someone did was shameful when you don't know the whole story.

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    oo, para mabawasan ang mga adik na nandito sa pilipinas pero ang oplan tokhang ay dapat panghuhuli lang ng mga adik dapat hindi sila pinapatay dahil maaring magbago pa sila.

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    below are examples of topic control communicative strategy:

    1. nomination- collaboratively and productively establish a topic

    2. restriction- limitation you may have as a speaker

    3. turn-taking- process by which people decide who takes the conversational floor

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