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Give me sentence of stationery how do you use stationery in a sentence


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    Khaila and her Mommy spent their idle time at the bookstore to look for stationeries.Last Christmas, Olivia received a complete set of the Disney Princesses stationeries.Raphi used a colorful stationery with a matching envelope to write a letter for her Mom.Lucas left a heartwarming letter written on a stationery to express her gratitude to her teacher.Libby remembers Manu’s birthday and wrote him a letter in their favorite Mickey Mouse stationery.


    Stationery is a noun which refers to a writing paper, especially the ones with matching envelopes. It can also refer to the materials needed for writing such as paper, pens, pencils, envelopes, etc.

    This word is sometimes confused with stationary. These two words share a Latin root statiōnārius, which came from the word station which means “a standing place.”

    The word stationary means ‘fixed in one place and not moving’ while the word stationery is associated with the term stationer which was used to refer to a bookseller or publisher. The word evolved and later on used as stationery to refer to the things sold by a stationer.

    To read about how it is used in sentences, check the following links:




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Give me sentence of stationery how do you use stationery in a sentence...